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Tariff management is a systematic approach designed to reduce your total duty burden while remaining compliant  

Why is it important?
  • Exporters may be eligible for a share of over 2.0 billion dollars per year in unclaimed Duty Drawback : refund of import duty.
  • Importers may be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in excessive import duties due to improper classification of imported merchandise. See Tariff Classification .
  • Free Trade Agreement customers may be put in a non-competitive situation due to an improper understanding of the Regulations.
  • Compliance with complex U.S. Customs Regulations can help avoid fines, penalties and delayed shipments.
How can International Tariff Management help?
  • As licensed customs brokers with over 30 years hands-on experience, International Tariff Management (ITM) has recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients. You can join our list.
  • International Tariff Management does not replace your current broker(s) since most of our work is done post entry.
  • ITM's review and analysis to improve your profitability is done using our no-risk contingency based programs.
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