We help importers and exporters reduce their 
total duty burden while remaining compliant

Duty Drawback
ITM will analyze your import/export activity and determine if you are eligible for a portion of the over $2 billion dollars per year of unclaimed refunds from U.S. Customs. If you qualify, we will set up your program and manage it.

Tariff Classification
ITM will put more than 100 years of classification experience to work in determining the lowest allowable duty you should pay on your imports. We will also recover any overpaid duties for the last year.

Free Trade Agreement Support
As more Free Trade Agreements are being implemented between the U.S. and other countries we can increase your opportunities for savings as well as decrease your potential for penalties by ensuring you are compliant.
Customs Regulations Compliance Audits
We are U.S. Customs Regulations experts. An ITM customs compliance audit will ensure that you comply with current customs regulations and be prepared for a focused assessment by U.S. Customs.

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