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About International Tariff Management

Company History:

International Tariff Management (ITM) was founded in 1982 to provide a hands-on service to companies involved in international trade. The complexity of the regulations, imposed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, require a thorough understanding of these regulations, as well as a practical approach to working within their parameters. ITM believes that importers and exporters should be aware that they are entitled to refunds or reductions of their duty burdens.

Our deliberate mix of personnel is unmatched in the industry. We use our experienced senior staff , with over 150 years of combined experience, to identify and implement savings opportunities. We have helped hundreds of companies (Fortune 100 companies as well as much smaller ones), recover a portion of the billions of dollars of refundable duty drawback. We have also helped these same companies, and others, recover additional millions of dollars of overpaid duties due to the misclassification of imported goods, improper valuation and a lack of understanding of Free Trade Agreements.

What we are?
  • A "hands on" company that performs all the work necessary to obtain results.
  • A company with over 30 years of proven results.
  • A good "partner" that understands the benefits of working together.
  • A company that assigns experienced managers to every account.
  • A company that provides full service not just advice.
Our accomplishments with companies both great and small speak for themselves. We have been tested. We have proven ourselves. We can provide you with the expertise to harness the opportunities in the regulatory maze and reduce your duty burden.
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