How Duty Drawback Works

  • By Jill LaMadeleine
  • 29 Feb, 2016

Are you leaving money on the table?


Hi, my name is Jill LaMadeleine and I work as a licensed Customs broker with International Tariff Management. ITM has been in business for 30 years and during that time we have generated over 50 million dollars in savings for our clients.

We specialize in duty drawback, classification reviews and free trade agreements. If you are an importer and/or an exporter, you can directly benefit from the services that we provide. Let me show you how!

Duty drawback is a law that was put on the books in 1789. It was initiated to encourage exporting from the United States as well as to support manufacturing in the U.S.

To understand drawback simply, if you import something into the US, pay a duty or tax on it and export it as is, or as part of a US manufactured product, you can recoup 99% of the duty paid on the import upon the export.

Today, only about 25% of eligible duty is being recovered from the US government. That is $500 million dollars of a potential $2 billion dollars. This means there is $1.5 billion dollars still available and we would like to help you claim your portion back.

You need not be the direct importer or the direct exporter of a product in order to claim duty drawback. We work on drawback programs with many domestic manufacturers and resellers of imported product. ITM provides all of the necessary guidance and support required to establish and manage your duty drawback program.

 Y our company might be leaving money on the table that can drop to the bottom line.  Let us review your circumstances to see if any part of that $1.5 billion dollars is yours.

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